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info icon New Student Insurance Option! TSU Domestic Students now have a health insurance plan sponsored by the University. Please review the plan benefits to decide if this option is right for you. Please note: The insurance premium will be added to your tuition bill after you enroll in this coverage. You will not be required to enter payment information today.

2020-2021 Texas Southern University Student Health Insurance Plan

Plan Summary

Carrier Name: Aetna Student Health
Texas Southern Student Insurance Plan

Plan Details

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Plan Highlights
    • Plan Year 2021-2022
        Fast Facts
        Plan Highlights - Coming Soon
        HOLD-School Info/communication - Coming Soon
  • Summary of Benefits
  • Program Enhancements
    • Aetna Health and Wellness - Coming Soon
  • Additional Products Available
    • Dental Insurance
    • Vision Insurance
    • QualityCare Connect
    • Travel Insurance
    • Emergency Travel Assistance
    • Property & Renters Insurance
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